Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Were you injured on the job? Do you have medical problems that you think are related to your work?

Tuggle & Lichtenberger are dedicated to helping injured workers get the benefits they deserve. Your lawyer can help get you immediate benefits when the insurance company does not want to pay.

Do I Qualify?

Who qualifies for WC?

Steps To Take

What you need to do


Frequently Asked Questions

Get the compensation you need during your difficult time

Do I Qualify?

Unfortunately not everyone qualifies for Workers’ Compensation. This information should help you understand if you qualify.

Illinois Workers Compensation Injury Lawyers

Construction Workers

Construction is physically demanding and prone to serious injuries. You need to have benefits when you cannot work.


Healthcare Workers

When you get hurt at work you want the medical treatment you deserve.


Warehouse & Transportation Workers

Working in a warehouse or transporting goods is inherently dangerous. When you get hurt at work you are you going to by properly taken care of?

What Next?

Follow our process below so you know what steps to take next.

Steps to take

Workers’ Compensation benefits are your legal right when injured at work. However, the process for getting benefits can be complex and insurance companies will often make it difficult.


If you are injured at work there are certain steps you should take as soon as possible:


Report the injury to your employer immediately


Get the names of any witnesses


Go see a doctor that same day

Medical Care Benefits

What Medical Care Benefits you are entitled to, and how best to get that Medical Treatment?

The insurance company is not there to help you and will often give you wrong information. Call Tuggle & Lichtenberger to find out about your rights to medical care.


If you have a valid claim, you are entitled to 100% coverage of all related medical bills. This includes ambulance, emergency room, doctors, hospitals, surgery, physical therapy and medications. You are entitled to this care until your doctor releases you from care.


In some cases, you may be entitled to medical treatment even after your doctor releases you from care.

If you cannot work you are entitled to weekly benefits

You are also entitled to collect weekly benefits to offset lost wages. The benefit is determined by formula which can sometimes be complicated. This weekly benefit is also tax free.


Call Tuggle & Lichtenberger to help figure out the maximum amount of money you are entitled to collect while you are off work after an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most injuries that happen while you are on-the-job and performing duties for your employer are considered work-related and workers’ compensation is responsible for paying benefits. If your employer denies benefits call a lawyer immediately.

Pre-existing condition will generally not stop you from getting benefits. If your work injury in any way aggravates, exacerbates, or accelerates your pre-existing condition you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Yes. If your injury was caused by a person who is not a co-worker or employee of your company, you may be entitled to file both cases at the same time. For example, if your job requires you to drive a vehicle and you are involved in a motor-vehicle accident caused by another driver you may be able to have both claims at the same time.

As soon as possible. By law you are required to give notice within 45 days. If your employer requires you to complete an accident report make sure you get a copy of that report. If the employer resists make sure you take a photo of the report with your phone.

Yes. Quite often the company doctor is motivated to side with the company even when it seems clear that you were injured on the job. If this happens you should hire a lawyer to take over the handling of the case. The company doctor’s negative opinion will be used against you by the insurance company and you will need an experienced workers’ comp lawyer to advise you on getting a second medical opinion.